Surprised, about the entire layout of the world, about systems in which we move, with which we comply. Giulia’s artistic practice is a quest, looking for systems regarding freedom and boundaries she does not know nor understand. The complexity of contemporary systems is at times so cloudy and incomprehensible that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. As an artist, she constantly makes an attempt to unknot and interpret these forms of structure. Her installations, texts and performances are a reflection of that quest. She bends and recreates so she can tell an alternative version of a reality that Giulia encounters while unraveling those systems.

2014-2018 Bachelor in Photography, University of the Arts Utrecht 


>>Past Events

Exhibition : This window is not my border
Bellamy Kabinet, Amsterdam

Exhibition : Take a walk on the wild side 
Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt x NH Barbizon Palace, Amsterdam

Exhibition :
An Idealistic Piece of a Dutch Woman being Given 156 Keys
Kriterion, Amsterdam

Group exhibition : Perpetual Motive
Kolder, Gent

Group Exhibition: .P&G 
Lab111, Amsterdam

Group Exhibition : WE ARE NOW HERE A-lab, Amsterdam

Group Exhibition: EDITED BY Kunstwest, Amsterdam